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We offer indoor and outdoor wall greening. The greening method is you could try these out referred to as green wall or vertical garden. It consists of planting on vertical walls, to which the plants are attached and, especially indoors, create a nice aesthetic decoration, which also reduces dustiness, increases the amount of oxygen and facilitates breathing.
We have been engaged in this type of greening for several years. We have tried various technologies, and also pursue our own development. We have established cooperation with several firms in Western Europe, whose system we consider the most advanced, and we also install it.
Wall greening is challenging in terms of design, including the selection of appropriate plants, fertilisation, illumination of the plants, irrigation system, measurement and regulation, as well as construction. We have our own staff for all of this professional work.

Another variant of green wall is plant tapestry.

We provide green wall servicing within 48 hours.